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I sometimes read this page late at night because it means that much to me.

I have worked with Balance PLLC from the very first steps of my own LLC in 2015. I have come to rely upon Pam’s expert information, advice, and abilities in making sure my business runs as smoothly as possible. I strongly recommend her to others who want a personal touch and hands-on-approach in their accounting needs.

Jeremy L. Nienow, PhD., RPA
Owner and Principal, Nienow Cultural Consultants LLC

I was having trouble entering invoices into the accounting application – it’s just not in my wheelhouse. So I hand my receipts and invoices over to realizebalance and the next day I have templates customized to each individual vendor. Now every category I need is popping up automatically, in the same order it appears on the invoice. That one little move is going to save me hours of time and miles of stress off my heart!

Ryan Carstensen
Owner, Ooptrades

I am artist not a bookkeeper, Pam came in, organized my shoebox, and helped turn my business into an organized system. She has these great apps and tracking systems that make my crazy busy schedule super easy to record and send to her with a click of a button. I couldn’t have grown my business so fast without the help of Pam. I went from spending hours a week doing my own books and now I can focus on my building my business instead.

Nikki Martin
Owner, Minneapolis Tattoo Shops

Pam is on top of getting our records sorted. We had months of backlog, but she introduced us to a smartphone app solution to tame the paper beast and got through it pretty quickly. She contacts us when we need to have things done, or she has a question and via email and messenger – our preferred ways of communicating!

Jessica Johnson
The Historic Mounds Theatre