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Cracking the whip at your business financials may seem daunting, but it’s actually a pretty straightforward process. And anyway, whip-cracking isn’t for everyone. That’s what I’m here for. My routine goes something like this:

Step 1: Consultation.

We’ll meet and talk. During the consultation, my goal is to get a good picture of you and your financial needs. This will help me get a grasp on how I can best help and support you in achieving your goals, whether they are for your business or your private finances. Bring any of your questions, concerns and a list of goals to our consultation, along with anything else you think might be useful.

Step 2: Organization.

After consultation, I’m going to take all the information you can throw my way and get situated. I’ll put together a plan and a proposal and send it your way. Then we can talk and fine-tune our plan of attack so it works for both of us.

Step 3: ????

Point three is where your unique needs come in. It’s a little mysterious, but a lot magical. Have an out-of-the-ordinary royalty model? Need to figure out how to properly balance your Kickstarter reward tiers? Or maybe you just have a huge shoebox full of receipts and have no idea what to do with it – this is what makes each client-and-Pam relationship new and fun. Bring it on.

Step 4: Profit.

Clean and tidy books make room for streamlined money management – and, in turn, a more profitable business. Enjoy the bounty. Realize balance.